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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Stoke Bardolph Piking Session: Moby's Revenge

The two intrepid anglers were off to try and nail a 20lber on a bitterly cold Tuesday Morning.

Starting off at the fence near the lower car park, then leap frogging back up the river, moving every 40 mins or so.

The pike were extremely finicky biters, Glynn had the first run on a paternostered roach, and lost the fish.
Score: Glynn 1/2 Cliff 0;

Cliff had the second run connecting with the fish but losing it on a paternostered lamprey.
Score: Glynn 1/2 Cliff 1/2;

Glynn then had another run on roach, again losing it.
Score: Glynn 1 Cliff 1/2;

We moved a long way down upstream, Cliff spotted a top spot for Glynn and took the dodgy spot next to it :-)

After 10 minutes, Glynn muttered the phrase that would normally stop any fish from feeding " This looks like a hotspot" Instantly Cliffs rod twitched with another solid bite, but again the fish threw the bait.
Score: Glynn 1 Cliff 1;

Then Glynn's rod went, this time Glynn caught one of the buggers.
We both used our years of experience landing an extremely lightly hooked fish :-)
The hooks feel out in the landing net.!!!

Nice 11lb 3 oz Trent Pike (and video)

Glynn then had another 2 cast iron runs, not connecting to either fish????

Cliff realised how much he'd cocked up and shamelessly decided to poach from Glynns swim to try and level the score.

Final Tally: Glynn 3 Cliff 1;

A very odd day all in all, the evidence seemed to point to fish being hard on the very bottom (leaches on fish, Glynn's fish being hooked in the side of the mouth taking a bait tight off the bottom) and the pike not really swallowing the bait properly, just picking it up and running, whilst only very lightly holding it in their mouths.

Well done GT, the bragging rights are secured.... until next time mate :-)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Freezing Cold Mornings Fishing warmed up by a River Trent Atlantic Salmon :-)

To be honest I reckon we are both still in shock from this session at Stoke Bardolph.

The Target species was Pike, there were rumours of a lurking Trent Crocodile Sized Pike, frightening the locals.

As Glynn states in his previous post it, was -5 at 7:30 AM.. which was nice! and a very slow start.

The tactics were to leapfrog each to speak... down the bank, Glynn on 2 large mackerel tails on the bottom and me on paternostered lamprey (which got me 2 9+lbers and a 15 last time).

I also tried spinning and thought i was getting the odd "knock" until I realised that it was the eyes of the rod icing up and catching the line :-(

So we decided to give the last 30 mins a go back in the starting spot next to our cars.

We both saw a big splash on the surface, which was unusual considering the conditions, then my alarm went off, not the usual bite really but i gave it some time then lifted into it anyway.

It was a great fight, the fish was zipping all over the place, i saw its head.. it definately wasnt a pike..It looked like a Zander?... then we saw its body, covered in dark spots, i thought it was a Huge Browny.

Glynn took one look at it and said ITS A SALMON !!!   He was right :-)

We both took great care in looking after him, he weighed in at an amazing 6lb 9oz, we carefully put him back, ensuring it was fully recovered before letting it go.

Check out the release video.... thanks for the comment about my backside Glynn. :-)

To be honest we both had no idea that the Trent River Trust had been putting in so much effort into stocking Salmon in the River Dove for many years. We both love Trout fishing as well, so hopefully, in the not to distant future, we will be able to take our fly fishing gear on to the Trent, and winkle out a few more Salmon! 
(As long as i keep the PB Glynn :-) )

The icing on the cake was Glynn pulling out an 11 1/2 pound pike, not as big as we were after, but still a cracking fish.

Last piking session before Christmas

This was the temperature when I got in the car to set off on our latest Piking session at 7am. A bit chilly:-)

I even managed to turn up before Cliff this time......but he still started fishing before me!!

Setting up was a chilly affair, with my thumb ends going numb. At the top of the bank it was really cold but it was strangely warmed down the bank and closer to the water. The session started a bit slow, with no runs or signs of fish at all. However, just as I was contemplating packing up I pulled in a nice 11lb 8oz Pike. It took a little dead roach fish about 2 foot off the bottom on a paternoster. Hopefully Cliff will post a picture.....unless he managed to chop my head off.

This was all a little insignificant as Cliff had just had, arguably, the fish of a lifetime but I'll let him tell the story:-)!!

Cliff filling his belly with a mince pie....well it is nearly Christmas!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Coombe Abbey: Home of a potential British Zander record

60 mile trip to drop my lad off at RAF Cottesmore at 9AM then another 60 Miles to get to Coombe Abbey for 10AM.

Looked really promising, but i only had 2 1/2 hours so didnt stay in 1 spot too log... started at peg 2 ended up at peg 23. fished 1/2 a roach on one rod and did some spinning at the same time.

Bumped into the bailiff.....I told him that i was after ANY sized Zander, he told me that even though quite a few guys had been fishing for them, the last one he heard being caught of was a 7lber 2 weeks ago!!!!! then he made me £4.75 lighter :-(

Another guy fishing there for pike regularly didnt have a touch... but did tell me how he had caught twenties there and a 32 and that he had a 47.5 lber from a reservoir in Rrugby. another tall story????

The lake was very shallow where i was fishing....i had my one and only bite just before i left... from a seagull....honest!!!!!!

They do catch em there though....

Friday, 4 December 2009

Shardlow Marina Afternoon sesh 13lb Pike but still a FAIL :-|

Shardlow Marina Afternoon sesh 13lb Pike but still a FAIL!!!
Target: Gudgeon, Dace, Silver Bream and Zander. any new PB :-)
Tactics: I rod for the little un's on Maggot then a little un on the second rod for a Zander.
Result: Float fished size 18 hook maggot, trickle fed maggot but cold and deep..didnt look good
Tried for an hour with nothing, moved float in close and left it then tried spinning on the lure rod.

Caught the following 2lb pike on 1st cast on a gold Rublex Ondex spinner... thought it was a Zander....DOH!!!!

Then the float fished maggot had a bite... switched back to the float and caught a little roach.
Fished the roach on a paternoster float rig about 3ft off the bottom.
After five mins the float dived under... Zander.... NO a 13lb pike :-( :-)

Fished Chad on the lure rod for the last 45 mins well into dark... not a sausage
Get to the gate at 5:02 and it was shut...DOH had to tail gate to get out....nice.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Great Mornings Piking Stoke Bardolph

New 15lb PB also caught a 9lb12oz and a 9lb on a Saturday Morning Session. All caught on ledgered Lamprey about 2 1/2 feet off the bottom

As i was getting a better picture of it...
the other rod went and it escaped :-(

9lb 12oz pikie...the other 9lber escaped as well

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Glynn's latest pike

Just a little 7lb'er caught on a Sardine tail from the River Witham.

Mind you it's just a live bait for Cliff:-)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bank Trout Fishing at Foremark

Nice Brownie for Glynn and 2 pairs of leaking waders :-)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tough Day At Flintham for Cliff/Bob

A few Small Carp...very windy day...nice place though.