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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Coombe Abbey: Home of a potential British Zander record

60 mile trip to drop my lad off at RAF Cottesmore at 9AM then another 60 Miles to get to Coombe Abbey for 10AM.

Looked really promising, but i only had 2 1/2 hours so didnt stay in 1 spot too log... started at peg 2 ended up at peg 23. fished 1/2 a roach on one rod and did some spinning at the same time.

Bumped into the bailiff.....I told him that i was after ANY sized Zander, he told me that even though quite a few guys had been fishing for them, the last one he heard being caught of was a 7lber 2 weeks ago!!!!! then he made me £4.75 lighter :-(

Another guy fishing there for pike regularly didnt have a touch... but did tell me how he had caught twenties there and a 32 and that he had a 47.5 lber from a reservoir in Rrugby. another tall story????

The lake was very shallow where i was fishing....i had my one and only bite just before i left... from a seagull....honest!!!!!!

They do catch em there though....


  1. Hey mate, you should've tried harder for that seagull as they're not on our PB list :-)!!

  2. If id have caught the bugger it would definitely have been on there mate :-)