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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Last piking session before Christmas

This was the temperature when I got in the car to set off on our latest Piking session at 7am. A bit chilly:-)

I even managed to turn up before Cliff this time......but he still started fishing before me!!

Setting up was a chilly affair, with my thumb ends going numb. At the top of the bank it was really cold but it was strangely warmed down the bank and closer to the water. The session started a bit slow, with no runs or signs of fish at all. However, just as I was contemplating packing up I pulled in a nice 11lb 8oz Pike. It took a little dead roach fish about 2 foot off the bottom on a paternoster. Hopefully Cliff will post a picture.....unless he managed to chop my head off.

This was all a little insignificant as Cliff had just had, arguably, the fish of a lifetime but I'll let him tell the story:-)!!

Cliff filling his belly with a mince pie....well it is nearly Christmas!!

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  1. Great Pike mate Nearly twice as big as my little un :-) .... what an amazin mornings fishing :-)