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Friday, 4 December 2009

Shardlow Marina Afternoon sesh 13lb Pike but still a FAIL :-|

Shardlow Marina Afternoon sesh 13lb Pike but still a FAIL!!!
Target: Gudgeon, Dace, Silver Bream and Zander. any new PB :-)
Tactics: I rod for the little un's on Maggot then a little un on the second rod for a Zander.
Result: Float fished size 18 hook maggot, trickle fed maggot but cold and deep..didnt look good
Tried for an hour with nothing, moved float in close and left it then tried spinning on the lure rod.

Caught the following 2lb pike on 1st cast on a gold Rublex Ondex spinner... thought it was a Zander....DOH!!!!

Then the float fished maggot had a bite... switched back to the float and caught a little roach.
Fished the roach on a paternoster float rig about 3ft off the bottom.
After five mins the float dived under... Zander.... NO a 13lb pike :-( :-)

Fished Chad on the lure rod for the last 45 mins well into dark... not a sausage
Get to the gate at 5:02 and it was shut...DOH had to tail gate to get out....nice.


  1. Nice one mate. you're knocking a few pike out now.........I've taught you well:-)
    Need to work on the pose though geezer!!

  2. LOL just need brown paper bag and a ginger wig mate 8-) Can you do Sun 13th Dec AM for those 20+'s?