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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Evening Post Fish of the week!

Ray Yomans Chose Cliffs 4lb 9oz Chub from East Stoke as the Nottingham Evening Post fish of the week :-)

Caption Reads:
"New Best: Big-fish hunter Cliff Ranson has been at it again with a personal best 4-9 chub on the Trent at east Stoke. He also had a 3-12 chub on hair rigged Hallibut pellet wrapped in cheese paste."

Glynn gave cliff the cheese paste and chose the location, he's my official photographer as well... top fella :-)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Day Grayling Fishing on the Derwent

Grayling was the target, unfortunately Glynn couldnt make it so Cliff and Vic toddled off  to the Derwent Hotel stretch of the River Derwent.
Cliff tried Matt Hayes method of scopex sweetcorn and liquidised bread, feeding little and often and float fishing on sweetcorn. after an hour Vic had caught the first Grayling of maggot feeder a size 18 hook with double maggot. After another 30 mins Cliff to Vics tactics leading to a beautiful 1 1/2/ pound brownie.
 Next came the sought after Grayling at 8oz.
After Cliff had a small Grayling another one at 8oz, a small chub and two more small Brownies, and vic had 4 more small Grayling things quietened down, so we moved to the pegs below the weir. 

The water was very fast and full of leaves, it was tricky to fish, Cliff was float fishing, feeding maggot and caster and managed to catch another couple of Brownies on double maggot on a size 14 at dusk.

A great day, a reasonable amount of fish and a new species on the board :-)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fan Chubby Tastic East Stoke Yin Yang

Cliff Glynn and Vic trotted off to the highly recommended (by Glynn) East Stoke Trent Stretch at 1PM.
Conditions looked perfect, colour in the water and the river was slightly up.
Cliff and Glynn tried piking initially, trying a few spots but nothing doing.
Glynn switched to luncheon meat and the magic cheese paste and didn't get a touch all night.
Vic was on Maggot and Worm had a Nice Perch and a 1lb eel, before dark. Not a touch After Dark.
Cliff Walked to the farthest peg under an overhanging tree, concentrating on trying to get a Chub PB on the board, fishing close in.
Feeding hemp and halibut pellet Cliff had a few good bites but couldnt hook a fish,with a single large hook and cheese paste wrapped around it. Cliff then switched to hair rigged 10mm Halibut wrapped in Glynn's most excellent cheese paste, leaving the hook exposed. That did the trick...the fish looked huge, Glynn was very very worried that it would beat his 5lb PB. It was a beauty a new PB for Cliff at 4lb-9oz .. Glynn was relieved.
The second rod went with this fish still in the landing net, thank goodness glynn turned up to bag the second Chub 3lb-12oz for Cliff and with a set of scales.
Amazing view of the stars later with loads of shooting stars. Great night for Cliff but the fish were few and far between for Glynn and Vic, we called it night at 11PM... Looks like we may be off for Grayling next.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Higham Alfreton Tench Bream Perch Carp lovely

Cracking set of 4 lakes, went on the first one on the left in the back corner with Vic from work.
Ended up with a new PB Perch 10oz, great roach 7oz just missed the Tench record 4lb 2oz (on a slug on a size 18!)  and not too far off my Bream record 4.5 lb
I made up a great mix of red groundbait, caster hemp maggot and sweetcorn... started to bait up and catch on swimfeeder and maggot/caster on an 18 hook. Lost a small carp then landed a bream.

Vic turned up and to cut a long story short ended up fishing the spot id just baited up and caught a great 12lb common.

I just missed the Tench record 4lb 2oz (on a slug on a size 18!)  last cast saloon:-)

4.5 lb Bream

First Bream.

Caught 20 -30 fish loads of perch around 7oz on worm, this was 10oz new record :-)

7oz Roach too... nice fish
 Loads of Perch like this... theres supposed to be 4lders in there!.. i beleive it too with the amount of 7-10ozers caught.

Watch out for the steepest exit to any fishery in the country... first gear full throttle and go for it!!! 

Great Day Great weather. Vic had a reat day too with that awesome 12lb common, a 5lb Tench and a nice crucian.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Chubbin' with Thomas this time

Went down the river again on Friday but this time took Thomas along. We had a few knocks on, yep you guessed it, cheesepaste before Thomas latched into his first chub, 3lb 13oz....

...and Thomas was also too scared to hold it!!

We then had lots more tugs but couldn't hit another fish. But last cast Tom pulled into another chub which fought a bit better and came in at 3lb 6oz, lovely....

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Chubin' with Holly

Took Holly down the river for a little spot of chubbin' in the dark. I'd like to say the following photos are of fish I'd caught but Holly got them all.........but was too scared to hold them:-)

Chub: 3lb 13oz, 4lb
Barbel: 4lb 11oz
Lovely fish all caught by Holly. All these caught on my killer cheesepaste!!

I need to learn to keep my spindley fingers out the way:-)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Beeston Weir Another Blank + Trouser Accident :-0

Keep trying to find the fish directly under the weir at Beeston on the Trent with no luck.

Ive lost loads of tackle, its unbelievably snaggy.

Had the fright of my life last night at 11PM, alone at the weir, when a tiny man and his luminous white chiwawa appeared out of nowhere. "ALL RIGHT MATE CAUGHT OWT"... i had a baby... a minute later... "shazam" him and his dog were gone.

Maybe i need to increase my medication:-)

Ill find those big fish if it kills me, i know they are there... especially that big chub.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

East Prawle Mackerel off the top

Tried all sorts of methods, float ledger and spinning... only thing that worked was  Popa Dog surface lure.
 Caught a nice Mackerel which fought really well on my light gear...not... 20lb line and forged trebles.. poor thing didnt stand a chance.... nice to catch off the top though:-)

Friday, 6 August 2010

East Stoke again...

Thursday night and a quick trip down the Trent. Tried for a pike but nothing doing and decided to leave a small bait out on a small single treble for a zander (Cliff's started me off now!) but nothing doing there either. I thought I'd try and get one first go after Cliff put in about 20,000 hours :-)

Stuck some cheesepaste out and had a couple of chub (3lb 14oz and 3lb 6oz) and another blinking eel, on cheesepaste again!! Had some fun with the slimey little beggar but got it unhooked and returned.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cliffs Zander makes the Nottingham Evening Post...Nice:-)

"Ranson finally gets his illusive Zander"
- Evening Post 29th July 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010

A couple more hours down the river.....

Went to the trent at East Stoke for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. It was a bit slow to say the least but then my bite alarm went off, the rod top was banging and reel was backwinding as fast as it could!!

Blinking eck I thought after picking the rod up and being unable to stop the reel screaming backwards. Eventually the run stop and the fish was in the middle of the river. "This must be my biggest barbel yet", I thought but after another good fight to get it in, it was a lovely 'little' barbel of 4lb 12oz!!
An amazing fight from a great fish:-)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Trent: Beeston Weir Chub Barbel Evening Session

Cliff got to Beeston at 8PM, the River was the lowest I have EVER seen it in 30 years! It got lower than this when the hydro electric generator backed the water up.

I waded out to way past the middle, this is where i started fishing, all my gear was at this spot earlier!

Fishing was tough, had a Barbel and a Chub on banded 10 mm halibut pellet and cheese respectively. but lost them both in the current and weeds... nearly lost all my gear when the hydro let all the water go,the river must have rose 3ft, which translated to me moving my gear at least 20+ feet up the bank. I have noticed that I get bites here when the water is at its highest, and nothing when its low..... i wonder whether the fish go upstream or downstream when the water is low, i suspect they go up towards the weir as,the first bite i had was on the upstream rod. it was very hard work... but still worth it:-)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Great Night at Collingham after Barbel... with the appearance of a couple of Eels

Glynn turned up a little late, but Cliff had some interesting company... the cow left Glynn a huge poop in what was to become his fishing spot for the night. :-)
Glynn was green with envy, lookin at Cliffs new tripod and comfy chair set up.
Soon after Glynn arrived, his cheese paste started to work its magic with two small but beautifully formed chub.
Then he caught the new record Eel at 1-10... He was very proud of his specimen, presenting it like a seasoned porn star.

Cliffs bed of Hallibut and Hemp then captured the attention of a few passing barbel at 10:40, starting with this 6-3, on 10mm banded halibut pellet and a long leader, with a feeder full of the Hallibut Hemp mix.
10 minutes later, the fish of the night, a 7-8 Barbel fell to the same tactics
Glynn then landed a 5lb er
A nice little 3-12 Barbel
Then the comedy moment of the night, Cliff landing a small Eel
Cliff was like a big Jessey Trying to hold the bleeding thing
Then some great expressions and the hint of a smell of fear
Go on Cliff pull you funniest face 8-)
Glynn then landed a nice 2-12 Barbel
And a nice 6lder to finish a great night

We looked at the photo's before departing and laughed all the way home, Cliff got to into bed at 3:38... knackered, but a great night was had by all 

Friday, 16 July 2010

Huge Ruffe Captured....oh no it isnt ITS A ZANDER :-)

At Last....after probably 9 months and 20+ sessions of blanks and unwanted pike + numerous conversations and reconnaissance missions to find the location of the Zander... Ive only gone and caught one :-))))).
After yet another hot tip, i nipped down to Trent Lock then walked for 20-30 minutes to Sawley Marina Railway Bridge.. cast out 2 eel sections
At 10PM the bite alarm went off and the line flew off, i picked the rod up waited for, what i thought was a pike run to develop, then struck. After what was a very good fight, i saw the flank of the fish... which was reasonable size for, what i thought was another pike... woooooow ...thats no pike... its a Zander.
Frankly i had a little toilet accident at this time, flapping like a big girl, i got the landing net ready and with massive relief...LANDED A ZANDER.

The camera was set on self timer and on a mini tripod, been practising, and the comedy expressions

I zero'ed the scales and weighed the beauty
Kept putting the fish back in the river to recover.. the bloody thing kept banging its teeth together making a very odd noise. Ensured it was fully recovered before releasing it, which took some time.
The quest is over .... mission accomplished... so what next.... the Bream record is attainable..Catfish...maybe, but that Eel record looks very flimsy... i hate eels though, after having an unfortunate incident with one as a child... gulp.. go on then... Eels it is :-(