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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Beeston Canal Zander...No... Jack Pikelet...Yes

Another trip to catch the elusive Zander.
Location: Beeston canal, rear Boots entrance 1km towards the Trent.
Set off at 7:30 fishing at about 810 one rod with v small popup bream, v light tackle.
Lure fishing on the other.

There was, what sounded like, a huge fish taking fish in the reeds nearby, i tried casting slightly upstream of it a few times without snagging anything(a skill a have not mastered yet).

Eventually the rod end started twitching, but yet again, no bite alarm indication. I lifted the rod off of the rests, when i was sure the potential Zander was on, and struck into it. The following was the result, a 3lb 12oz pikelet.

I tried a new tactic of holding the rod and twitching the bait (like an injured fish) and had instant take.
Again it was really light bite and again i let it swallow the bait and struck. This time it came off about 4 foot from the net... didnt get to see it :-(... was it a Zander? probably not, but my luck will change soon :-)
Left about 10pm...

1 comment:

  1. You should've put that tiny pike on as bait mate and used it to try and catch a jack:-)
    I now how to change your luck, go zander fishing in a spot with some zander!!
    Keep trying though mate, I admire your determination.