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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Finger Ponds - Holme Pierrepoint

During the latest outing to the Finger Ponds at Holme Pierrepoint, I was surprised when what I thought was a cat on the far bank started swimming across the lake. "That's no cat" I thought. I wasn't wrong, it was infact a large mink!! I couldn't believe it.

Later at the end of the session I saw another smaller mink come swimming across to the bank next to me from a small island. It then proceeded to dive under the water and the trail of bubbles headed towards my lamprey bait!! Well I didn't fancy unhooking that, so I reeled in sharpish :-)

I did manage to winkle out a finicky biting pike of 10lb 10oz on a paternostered roach.

A great mornings piking and the usual cracking banter! Hey Cliff, maybe you could give me some lessons in baliff dodging?

There are plenty of cracking looking 'pikey' spots down at the lakes. Deffo fancy another crack at the 30 lurking down there.


  1. Great write up mate... I forgot to mention my really bad stomach cramps and my "Bear in the woods" impression. So... there's one of those pegs we'd be better off avoiding next time :-)

  2. Didn't realise you got caught short mate........and you can't blame it on my dodgey scotch eggs!!
    That must have been when the baliff was about, no wonder he didn't stop at you peg:-)