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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sandbeck Tench Quest

Took the afternoon off work to fish Sandbeck with local fishing legend Vic Krowchew.

Top tips were provided by Bailiff Peter Cooper.
For Tench fish at 11 meters on pole or feeder using caster or worm as the hook bait on pegs 24-26 also try in next to the boards at 2.5 ft deep (if you keep quiet).
The signs werent good ..a buzzard was hovering overhead... really!!

Sandbeck is a cracking place, the sun came out and we were out of the cold wind.... A right sun trap :-)

I bought a couple of bags of red crumb, worm essence liquid, caster, red maggots and sweetcorn making up a lovely ground bait. All it did was leave me with bright red glow in the dark comedy hands.... nice:-)

We managed to winkle out some smaller fish close in including a new record perch for me at a tiny 5oz

Vic managed to tempt a 1.5 lb Bream on feeder, but we kept trying the pole

I was fishing very close in on a size 18 and a homebrew compost worm. I put my top section down to throw a few pieces of bread around the float. The float was moving all over, and dipping, but i left it thinking it was more small fish. Then it went under and off. I had a comedy moment trying to connect the top 5ft section to the 10 meters of pole i had behind me. Just managed it before the elastic reached its limit. The fish managed to wrap itself around the feeder rod  line, thanks to vic for saving the day. A few minutes later our new record Tench was in the net.... Boy was i happy :-)

A cold wind started and the sun disappeared... it was really cold. I did spot some bubbles at the 11 meter swim so i dropped another worm out there on the pole and tempted my new record Roach at 11oz

I thought i had caught an Ide, but we couldnt agree whether it was or not. We later fond out that counting the lines in the dorsel fin is the way to tell 8 for an ide, 9-11 for roach/rud and hybrids. We need to take better photos next time:-)

It was freezing later, but all in all a successful day ... looking forward to going back when it warms up when Vic will no doubt put me back in my place.

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