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Monday, 17 May 2010

Toft Newton: Highs and Lows

Great write up mate.... cant knock you for persistence... fishing in the dark:-)

The Evening post confirmed that the "trout caught" averages have been skewed by a few catching 30+ !!

I'm guessing that the indicator, slow retrieve and a hat full of luck, was the only difference between us.... oh and a mans cast rather than a ladies:-)

Six fish on... 4 lost at the net: 2 Rainbows landed and returned: 1:10 and 1:14

Nice use of the double 2 finger salute to Glynn:-)
All fought brilliantly, caught on black buzzer with red stripes at 4ft and 8 ft deep.
The others were hooked on a the black buzzer, "match the hatch" big white booby stripped back and Dawl Bach at 18 inches.

Cliff unhooking the Rainbow whilst sitting on the 17 quid (+30quid bus lane fine) seat :-(

We both got a great few tips from Andy the local England Fly Fisherman who blew the 12 o'clock casting technique myth out of the water...He caught about 30 fish all day, with a very very slow retrieve, a huge cast and the wind directly behind him rather that across, which is unusual.. apparently.

Well Done for sticking it out sure you'll corner those Kamikaze Brownies with lockjaw next time.

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