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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Elusive Zander Captured ... oh no it isnt.... its a RUFFE

After months of trying the elusive Zander has eventually been captured.
(Late note from cliff:  its not a Zander its a Ruffe you muppet)
A dramatic fight ensued, but eventually I managed to tame the monster from the deep ;-)

I was Fishing Beeston Canal next to the lock on the Trent with my daughter on ledgered home grown worm hoping for a PB perch or Gudgeon.
Funny coloured perch i thought... bit too golden.. then the realisation hit.... its a ZANDER... on fathers day too....  LOL. (Late note from cliff:  its not a Zander its a Ruffe you muppet)

Looks a bit miserable... but hey who cares... whos your daddy, you pesky fish... get in :-) It was on its last legs, so didnt get chance to weigh it, estimating 3oz. 1% of the British record...LMAO
(Late note from cliff:  Its a Ruffe record is 5 oz so ill re-estimate at 2oz and 40% of the British Record... wouldnt want to say 60% of British record and take Glynns Chub Record on an estimate ;-))

As a bonus and after really fishing well, Kirsty caught a lovely little perch....nice one Kirst :-)


  1. Who's the zander daddy!!

    Top notch mate........and to think, I laughed at you for trying to catch a zander in the canal!!

  2. Never mind mate:-( It looks a little bit like a Zander.......if you squint!!
    You can keep your eyes of my '%' record mate with an estimated not sure what it is fish:-)

  3. i'm fishing for these guys on saturday in the same location so i hope i get one!

    also heres a project that may intrest you called the mini fish study!uk-mini-fish-project/c1n0c