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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Zander Double Blank Weekend

Here we go again... following up 2 hot tips i wanted to try Sharlow Marina till dusk and Nottingham Canal between Boots Bridge and the Showcase Bridge.

Sharlow was nice except the big sign saying NO NIGHT FISHING and fishing from 8AM - 5PM ONLY despite this i tried my luck on Saturday night from 8PM

This was the exact place suggested, using eel sections, one ledgered on the bottom and the other float fished just off the bottom.
I got a earfull from a passing pair of pensioners about fishing where i shouldnt then had a dog barking at me later on..nice... didnt get a i left just before the torrential rain and/lightning storms.

Sunday night i tried Boots Bridge 75% of the way to The showcase Bridge on Nottingham Canal after getting tips from a local expert.... only problem was he wasnt an expert at fishing....tried 1/2 roach and lamprey section floating ledgering and popped up... had a few very light beeps on the lamprey on the bottom, lifted the rod to feel for the fish and reduce friction.... nothing.

A Double Bubble blank.... soooo  next time... the crazy homeless/druggies section of the Canal near Hooters in the middle of this space... im gonna get one if it kills me :-)

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