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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beeston - Attenbourough - Trent Lock - Shardlow on my Bike River Recon

Set out on the bike to look for decent fishing spots and pick the brains of anyone fishing.
1) Beeston -> Attenborough First foot bridge: Loads of Perch Chasing fry: Potential Perch record?

2) New Bridge at Attenborough.. likely fishing spots in river and lake!!
3) Radcliife on Sour Power Station Outlet- Hot water coming out of the power station under the weir... MUST BE AWESOME FISHING HERE..Potential Barbel Record?
4) Above the weir next to the boat club near Trent Lock: Potential Carp Record?

5)River Soar meets the Trent- top carp spot... the 41lb ghost carp lives here
6) Canal Meets the River at Trent Lock- Potential Zander Carp record?
7) Trent Lock Boat club, fish ledgered spicy shrimp boilies for Carp/Barbel. Was told its Stuffed full of Zander and eels here by angler then bailif, leave line on bottom and use a lead clip to keep the line under the boats
8) Bridge over the trend to Shardlow...Potential Zander BRITISH record: THE TOP ZANDER SPOT 17.5 pounder caught here!!!!

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