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Saturday, 31 July 2010

A couple more hours down the river.....

Went to the trent at East Stoke for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. It was a bit slow to say the least but then my bite alarm went off, the rod top was banging and reel was backwinding as fast as it could!!

Blinking eck I thought after picking the rod up and being unable to stop the reel screaming backwards. Eventually the run stop and the fish was in the middle of the river. "This must be my biggest barbel yet", I thought but after another good fight to get it in, it was a lovely 'little' barbel of 4lb 12oz!!
An amazing fight from a great fish:-)


  1. Thats a beauty mate what did you get it on?

  2. hey you taking photos of yourself? or did you manage to persuade your mrs to go;-)