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Friday, 16 July 2010

Huge Ruffe Captured....oh no it isnt ITS A ZANDER :-)

At Last....after probably 9 months and 20+ sessions of blanks and unwanted pike + numerous conversations and reconnaissance missions to find the location of the Zander... Ive only gone and caught one :-))))).
After yet another hot tip, i nipped down to Trent Lock then walked for 20-30 minutes to Sawley Marina Railway Bridge.. cast out 2 eel sections
At 10PM the bite alarm went off and the line flew off, i picked the rod up waited for, what i thought was a pike run to develop, then struck. After what was a very good fight, i saw the flank of the fish... which was reasonable size for, what i thought was another pike... woooooow ...thats no pike... its a Zander.
Frankly i had a little toilet accident at this time, flapping like a big girl, i got the landing net ready and with massive relief...LANDED A ZANDER.

The camera was set on self timer and on a mini tripod, been practising, and the comedy expressions

I zero'ed the scales and weighed the beauty
Kept putting the fish back in the river to recover.. the bloody thing kept banging its teeth together making a very odd noise. Ensured it was fully recovered before releasing it, which took some time.
The quest is over .... mission accomplished... so what next.... the Bream record is attainable..Catfish...maybe, but that Eel record looks very flimsy... i hate eels though, after having an unfortunate incident with one as a child... gulp.. go on then... Eels it is :-(


  1. Glad to see you finally took my advice and went fishing where there were some zander :-)

    Lovely fish mate, well done!!

    Great photos too.......someone must have shown you how to present them!

  2. You're deffo kicking my ass in the PBs now :-(