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Friday, 30 July 2010

Trent: Beeston Weir Chub Barbel Evening Session

Cliff got to Beeston at 8PM, the River was the lowest I have EVER seen it in 30 years! It got lower than this when the hydro electric generator backed the water up.

I waded out to way past the middle, this is where i started fishing, all my gear was at this spot earlier!

Fishing was tough, had a Barbel and a Chub on banded 10 mm halibut pellet and cheese respectively. but lost them both in the current and weeds... nearly lost all my gear when the hydro let all the water go,the river must have rose 3ft, which translated to me moving my gear at least 20+ feet up the bank. I have noticed that I get bites here when the water is at its highest, and nothing when its low..... i wonder whether the fish go upstream or downstream when the water is low, i suspect they go up towards the weir as,the first bite i had was on the upstream rod. it was very hard work... but still worth it:-)

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