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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Couple of Hours Evening Fishing at Beeston Weir for Barbel/Carp

Another tough gig, met a guy who'd never caught a Barbel, but loads of Zander, and ive caught a few Barbel and No Zander.... We exchanged notes:-) Another confirmation of Trent Lock being a top Zander spot... on the down side, its full of eels too :-(

Used improvised rod holder...i had to sit on the concrete... .lol...Blanked but nice night.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beeston - Attenbourough - Trent Lock - Shardlow on my Bike River Recon

Set out on the bike to look for decent fishing spots and pick the brains of anyone fishing.
1) Beeston -> Attenborough First foot bridge: Loads of Perch Chasing fry: Potential Perch record?

2) New Bridge at Attenborough.. likely fishing spots in river and lake!!
3) Radcliife on Sour Power Station Outlet- Hot water coming out of the power station under the weir... MUST BE AWESOME FISHING HERE..Potential Barbel Record?
4) Above the weir next to the boat club near Trent Lock: Potential Carp Record?

5)River Soar meets the Trent- top carp spot... the 41lb ghost carp lives here
6) Canal Meets the River at Trent Lock- Potential Zander Carp record?
7) Trent Lock Boat club, fish ledgered spicy shrimp boilies for Carp/Barbel. Was told its Stuffed full of Zander and eels here by angler then bailif, leave line on bottom and use a lead clip to keep the line under the boats
8) Bridge over the trend to Shardlow...Potential Zander BRITISH record: THE TOP ZANDER SPOT 17.5 pounder caught here!!!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A couple of hours down the river....

Got home from work and thought I'd nip down the river for a couple of hours. Well kind of planned it a bit as I'd taken some old cheese paste out of the freezer :-)

It was a lovely evening and a great sunset....
After a few casts and a couple of knocks, I got a proper take and latched into a really nice chub of 4lb 2oz, my 2nd biggest. When I first got it in the net I thought it was a bigger and possibly pushing my 5lb record but not quite. Still a really great fish caught on my old faithful killer cheese paste ;-)
To top off a few nice hours (not many fish, well only the one) a barn owl was flying around along the edge of the fields on the far bank.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Elusive Zander Captured ... oh no it isnt.... its a RUFFE

After months of trying the elusive Zander has eventually been captured.
(Late note from cliff:  its not a Zander its a Ruffe you muppet)
A dramatic fight ensued, but eventually I managed to tame the monster from the deep ;-)

I was Fishing Beeston Canal next to the lock on the Trent with my daughter on ledgered home grown worm hoping for a PB perch or Gudgeon.
Funny coloured perch i thought... bit too golden.. then the realisation hit.... its a ZANDER... on fathers day too....  LOL. (Late note from cliff:  its not a Zander its a Ruffe you muppet)

Looks a bit miserable... but hey who cares... whos your daddy, you pesky fish... get in :-) It was on its last legs, so didnt get chance to weigh it, estimating 3oz. 1% of the British record...LMAO
(Late note from cliff:  Its a Ruffe record is 5 oz so ill re-estimate at 2oz and 40% of the British Record... wouldnt want to say 60% of British record and take Glynns Chub Record on an estimate ;-))

As a bonus and after really fishing well, Kirsty caught a lovely little perch....nice one Kirst :-)