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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Trent Lock Zander fishing: 7:30 - 10:30 PM 5lb Tail walking Pike

Finally made it to the Trent Lock "Zander Hot" Spot:
Set 2 Rods up on 2 inches of  Ledgered Lamprey 50lb braid and size 4 Barbless hooks.
Managed to tempt a few roach on bread and switched to fish on 1/2 fresh roach.

Had 1 savage single bite then.. nothing there ?

Took one of the rods to the jetty above and lowered 1/2 roach under the boat.moving the bait around... got a very tame bite. Then a brilliant fight including tail walking. 5lb 1oz pike in great condition.

Had 2 more savage single bites... nothing there again.... wicked takes knocking the bite indicator off the line every time.

I was told to fish with braid and a single treble, but was scared of catchin an eel... looks like ill have to use trebles to catch these Monkies.