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Friday, 23 July 2010

Great Night at Collingham after Barbel... with the appearance of a couple of Eels

Glynn turned up a little late, but Cliff had some interesting company... the cow left Glynn a huge poop in what was to become his fishing spot for the night. :-)
Glynn was green with envy, lookin at Cliffs new tripod and comfy chair set up.
Soon after Glynn arrived, his cheese paste started to work its magic with two small but beautifully formed chub.
Then he caught the new record Eel at 1-10... He was very proud of his specimen, presenting it like a seasoned porn star.

Cliffs bed of Hallibut and Hemp then captured the attention of a few passing barbel at 10:40, starting with this 6-3, on 10mm banded halibut pellet and a long leader, with a feeder full of the Hallibut Hemp mix.
10 minutes later, the fish of the night, a 7-8 Barbel fell to the same tactics
Glynn then landed a 5lb er
A nice little 3-12 Barbel
Then the comedy moment of the night, Cliff landing a small Eel
Cliff was like a big Jessey Trying to hold the bleeding thing
Then some great expressions and the hint of a smell of fear
Go on Cliff pull you funniest face 8-)
Glynn then landed a nice 2-12 Barbel
And a nice 6lder to finish a great night

We looked at the photo's before departing and laughed all the way home, Cliff got to into bed at 3:38... knackered, but a great night was had by all