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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First trip to Hackett Lakes on the small lake (Cliff and Kev)

Cliff and his coz Kev popped off to the Hackett Lakes small lake.
It hammered it down and was blowing a gale as we set up...nice.
Kev had a dream the night before about cliff scouting the place in a submarine! Cliff's recent run of form seemed to be getting to him :-) The bailiffs are very friendly and helpful, they recommended red maggot in the deeper water due to the cold weather.
It was a tough start so cliff got a banker in, just in case we blanked :-)
Kev was looking worried
Lisa supplied us with some excellent breakfast from there camper van, this inspired kev who landed a nice 2-3lb carp
Cliff landed 15 fish in total including small carp a nice roach perch and chub.
Cliff may claim this 1lb 2oz as a new F1 carp PB once he's checked it is an F1 :-)
Kev landed 8 carp to around 3lb and finished with a nice 4.5lb bream.

Cliff won the numbers game but Kev had the better quality fish and weight so Cliff reluctantly conceded the day.
All in all, a great day considering how bad the weather was, great food from Lisa and Kev should be able to sleep better now :-)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Grayling and Brown Trout from the Derwent

Cliff decided to have the day off any try to get a new PB Grayling at Whatstanwell on the Dewent Hotel Water (DE45HG)

It was throwing it down and cold but is a beautiful place and i was under a brolly so it didnt matter.

Picked up two pints of mixed maggots and started on the feeder with size 22 hooks single red maggot, it didnt take long to tempt the first Graying in (This was the best... 7oz)

Had a steady flow of fish, then switched to float fishing on a Chubber float.

Ended up with 7 Brownies and 4 Grayling, no PB's but a cracking day :-)

Successful Couple of Hours Lure Fishing on the Trent

Cliff managed to pop down to the Trent at Holme Pierrepont for 2 hours (In the main gate, drive along the rowing course and park close to the river)
Spoke to a couple of really pissed off guys that were there for hours and tried every type of fishing including piking without a bite, so I wasnt confident. I set up 2 pegs upstream from them.
I cast out and twitched the lure back under an overhanging tree and caught a nice ~5lb'er on the 3rd cast.
The 2 guys id spoke to were watching me with there hands on there hips, they looked ready to throw me in :-)
I worked my way back up stream, tried loads of lures and in typical last chance saloon put on a big goldfish Rapala lure.
I cast into the middle as well, then had a text, put the rod under my arm to answer the text and wondered why the rod was being pulled round... this was the reason, a nice 7lb'er
These are the two successful Rapala lures :-)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

New PB at Hemmington for cliff

Cliff and Bob set off to Hemmington, cliff was targeting our non existent silver bream record as no-one has set it yet and thought Hemmington had a few.
Tactics were the same as for the bronze bream that cliff is currently unable to catch :-) Brown crumb red maggot and sweetcorn. dumped 30 feeder loads @ 40 yards into the same spot having clipped the line and fished with a size 20 hook single red maggot. Didnt get anything until around 2pm fishing with hair rigged bread popped up about a foot. Lost a good fish then caught a 5-3 mirror. Bob was struggling and managed a few small silvers.
also fed 2 alternative swims at 7 yards and either side near the reads close in. Set up the float rod and what he thought was a  new record silver bream on the 7 yard swim at a massive 2 oz ;-)
Caught a few more in this swim but it was v hard going.
Dusk arrived bob and cliff switched to the edges, cliff put 4 sweetcorn on a hair rig soaked in tutti frutti and pulled out a new pb common of 13-3. lucky *******
A new PB and Cliffs got confused again, the silver bream was in fact a skimmer ie a young bronze bream.

see here for the difference

This is what a proper one looks like :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Piking at Stoke Bardolph

Cliff and Glynn toddled of to our favourite Piking spot just below the outlet at Stoke Bardolph.

It was very weedy so we switched from fishing on the bottom to paternoster rig and lanprey with red tags on the trebles.

Cliff managed to winkle out an 8lb 7oz pike
Tough Morning.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cliff Kev and Bob 20+ year reunion at Hemmington

Cliff Bob and Kev hadnt fished together for 20+ years so it was great for us all to get together again.

Kev had 1 good carp on all day, cliff and bob genuinely felt for kev when the top 3rd of the rod snapped, slid down the line and knocked kevs only fish of the day off. Kevs face was a picture when he reeled in the broken part of the rod and it dangled in front of him. It was a great comedy moment, Kev laughs about it now too :-)
Bob struggled as well and didnt catch all day.
Kev and bob looked on as cliff landed quite a few nice carp.

Then they hatched a plan to throw cliff in when he landed the next fish :-)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Evening at Beeston Weir

Fancied a quick couple of hours at Beeston after Barbel.
Tackle: 12lb main line, cage feeder with halibut ground bait and Halibut 3mm pellet mix, 12lb dacron with size 4 hair rigged boilie hook and 15mm halibut boilie wrapped in the same 3mm ground bait mix.
Its very snaggy, fished where the river narrowed 200m below the weir.

Managed to hook up to this beauty, which was tough to land with the v strong current

Looked like someone emptied a bottle of fairy liquid into the weir .. there were loads of bubbles, im assuming it was pollutants? Its not like this during the day generally???

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hemmington with Bob "The Legend" Holmes again :-)

Popped back to hemmington with Bob
Fished the corner nearest the M1 first with no luck so moved a few pegs down almost opposite the island.

Continuously fed 10 mm Halibut and red source pellets by catapult about 3 rod lengths out.
Managed to equal my old PB for a common carp 6lb'er about a foot down on pellet waggler
 Then a 3lb 3oz chub on the same waggler
 The fish seemed deeper so switched to 3mm halibut method feeder with source 8mm pellet on a 3 inch hook length for this 5lb 11 Mirror
 A few more cracking commons

 Then an 8lb mirror
 And this 10lb Mirror which was on at the second other rod at the same time as the next fish!!!
My new 9lb 5oz common PB on float fished luncheon meat in the margins :-)
 Followed by a 2lb 8oz Bream on a 1inch chunk on luncheon meat on th method feeder!
Boy im glad i moved pegs :-)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Old Moor Pond Strelley Fishing with Nigel Hinson

Cliff and Kirsty took Nigel to old Moor Pond Strelley for a spot of leisurely fishing. Nigel was typically extremely keen to get started.
He was very popular with the local wild life too :-)
Kirsty was off to a cracking start landing the first of many fish.
Nigel wasnt happy with Kirsty taking the lead, upped his game and landed a string of very nice fish including this nice Bream.
And a good Roach
Cliff managed to start fishing after ensuring that Nigel and Kirsty were ok, landing quite a few fish including this beautiful crucian carp of about a pound.
A great mornings fishing enjoyed by all, Kirsty did very well and Nigel was a natural.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Few Hours on the Trent at Beeston Weir after Barbel

Popped down to Beeston Weir from 9PM to midnight got a cracking Spot:

Tactics: Bit of a halibut overdose: Large open feeder filled with 6mm Halibut pellets, plugged at either end with Halibut ground bait. 4-5ft 8lb florocarbon and a size 6 hook with a hair rigged 15mmm halibut trimmed boilie wrapped in the Halibut groudbait.... Also catapulted the 6mm halibut pellets well up stream....told you it was a halibit overdose 8-) Caught this 5lb9oz barbel and lost another much better fish.

Beautiful evening, im still convinced that the Barbel "shoal" move up together so you get about 20mins to bag up, trying to hold them, with bait, in very fast water is very every i could be completely wrong :-)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hemmington with Bob "The Legend" Holmes :-)

Popped to Hemmington for the day with my uncle Bob.. its his first trip after a years rehab from cancer, so a leisurely and very special day for us.
Hemmington is brimming with fish, i tried maggot high in the water on the pole first, took load of Rudd up to 8oz, including this golden beauty :-)
Also took some lovely Roach close in on Corn very close.

 Bob caught a nice Bream of about 2 1/2 lb
 This was a 2lber on the feeder with groudbait and the maggot clip with 8 red maggot.
 And a nice 5 1/2 lb carp on the same tactics
The larger carp were mainly on the surface, in the bay where the wind was blowing in. This guy caught constantly on the dog biscuit fly, some beauties too.

 A great day with Bob considering its his first session back, he's really keen to go again, which is great news :-)