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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hemmington with Bob "The Legend" Holmes again :-)

Popped back to hemmington with Bob
Fished the corner nearest the M1 first with no luck so moved a few pegs down almost opposite the island.

Continuously fed 10 mm Halibut and red source pellets by catapult about 3 rod lengths out.
Managed to equal my old PB for a common carp 6lb'er about a foot down on pellet waggler
 Then a 3lb 3oz chub on the same waggler
 The fish seemed deeper so switched to 3mm halibut method feeder with source 8mm pellet on a 3 inch hook length for this 5lb 11 Mirror
 A few more cracking commons

 Then an 8lb mirror
 And this 10lb Mirror which was on at the second other rod at the same time as the next fish!!!
My new 9lb 5oz common PB on float fished luncheon meat in the margins :-)
 Followed by a 2lb 8oz Bream on a 1inch chunk on luncheon meat on th method feeder!
Boy im glad i moved pegs :-)


  1. Some lovely fish mate. Not sure about that chub looks a funny shape a bit like a chub/rudd hybrid....maybe a chudd :-)

  2. lol it was a deformed chub mate, rekon it spent all day swimming round in circles :-)