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Thursday, 10 November 2011

New PB at Hemmington for cliff

Cliff and Bob set off to Hemmington, cliff was targeting our non existent silver bream record as no-one has set it yet and thought Hemmington had a few.
Tactics were the same as for the bronze bream that cliff is currently unable to catch :-) Brown crumb red maggot and sweetcorn. dumped 30 feeder loads @ 40 yards into the same spot having clipped the line and fished with a size 20 hook single red maggot. Didnt get anything until around 2pm fishing with hair rigged bread popped up about a foot. Lost a good fish then caught a 5-3 mirror. Bob was struggling and managed a few small silvers.
also fed 2 alternative swims at 7 yards and either side near the reads close in. Set up the float rod and what he thought was a  new record silver bream on the 7 yard swim at a massive 2 oz ;-)
Caught a few more in this swim but it was v hard going.
Dusk arrived bob and cliff switched to the edges, cliff put 4 sweetcorn on a hair rig soaked in tutti frutti and pulled out a new pb common of 13-3. lucky *******
A new PB and Cliffs got confused again, the silver bream was in fact a skimmer ie a young bronze bream.

see here for the difference

This is what a proper one looks like :-)

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