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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First trip to Hackett Lakes on the small lake (Cliff and Kev)

Cliff and his coz Kev popped off to the Hackett Lakes small lake.
It hammered it down and was blowing a gale as we set up...nice.
Kev had a dream the night before about cliff scouting the place in a submarine! Cliff's recent run of form seemed to be getting to him :-) The bailiffs are very friendly and helpful, they recommended red maggot in the deeper water due to the cold weather.
It was a tough start so cliff got a banker in, just in case we blanked :-)
Kev was looking worried
Lisa supplied us with some excellent breakfast from there camper van, this inspired kev who landed a nice 2-3lb carp
Cliff landed 15 fish in total including small carp a nice roach perch and chub.
Cliff may claim this 1lb 2oz as a new F1 carp PB once he's checked it is an F1 :-)
Kev landed 8 carp to around 3lb and finished with a nice 4.5lb bream.

Cliff won the numbers game but Kev had the better quality fish and weight so Cliff reluctantly conceded the day.
All in all, a great day considering how bad the weather was, great food from Lisa and Kev should be able to sleep better now :-)

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