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Monday, 19 December 2011

Successful Couple of Hours Lure Fishing on the Trent

Cliff managed to pop down to the Trent at Holme Pierrepont for 2 hours (In the main gate, drive along the rowing course and park close to the river)
Spoke to a couple of really pissed off guys that were there for hours and tried every type of fishing including piking without a bite, so I wasnt confident. I set up 2 pegs upstream from them.
I cast out and twitched the lure back under an overhanging tree and caught a nice ~5lb'er on the 3rd cast.
The 2 guys id spoke to were watching me with there hands on there hips, they looked ready to throw me in :-)
I worked my way back up stream, tried loads of lures and in typical last chance saloon put on a big goldfish Rapala lure.
I cast into the middle as well, then had a text, put the rod under my arm to answer the text and wondered why the rod was being pulled round... this was the reason, a nice 7lb'er
These are the two successful Rapala lures :-)

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