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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Melbourne Pool Part Deux Cliff's solo session. sneaky appearance from Glynn

Decided to give the Bream and Tench another go at Melbourne Pool.
After taking advice had the wind in my face on the west bank next to the road.
 Picked out 2 spots 50 yards out and pilled in a dozen large feeders full of red crumb, red maggots, red and yellow sweet cord and sweet corn flavour.
 Fished one rod with 6 red maggots on the hook, the other with fake yellow corn and real red corn.
One Bite all day new PB... the scales spent half the time at 5-15 and half at 6lb.. so 5-15 it is :-(
Once the coots found the bait, they eat the lot... they are a nightmare. tried a spot 2 rod lengths out.. this time i counted 13 the mallards that eat the lot... problem is the lake if 3-4 ft deep all over.

 So here a couple of pics of the local wildlife... the chicks went to the same hairdresser as Ginger Glynn ;-) 
Tough gig... 14 hour shift... 7 am till 9pm, mine was the only fish i saw caught all day.. a mate said the moon phase was that must have been the reason i just got the one :-)