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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Few Hours on the Trent at Beeston Weir after Barbel

Popped down to Beeston Weir from 9PM to midnight got a cracking Spot:

Tactics: Bit of a halibut overdose: Large open feeder filled with 6mm Halibut pellets, plugged at either end with Halibut ground bait. 4-5ft 8lb florocarbon and a size 6 hook with a hair rigged 15mmm halibut trimmed boilie wrapped in the Halibut groudbait.... Also catapulted the 6mm halibut pellets well up stream....told you it was a halibit overdose 8-) Caught this 5lb9oz barbel and lost another much better fish.

Beautiful evening, im still convinced that the Barbel "shoal" move up together so you get about 20mins to bag up, trying to hold them, with bait, in very fast water is very every i could be completely wrong :-)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hemmington with Bob "The Legend" Holmes :-)

Popped to Hemmington for the day with my uncle Bob.. its his first trip after a years rehab from cancer, so a leisurely and very special day for us.
Hemmington is brimming with fish, i tried maggot high in the water on the pole first, took load of Rudd up to 8oz, including this golden beauty :-)
Also took some lovely Roach close in on Corn very close.

 Bob caught a nice Bream of about 2 1/2 lb
 This was a 2lber on the feeder with groudbait and the maggot clip with 8 red maggot.
 And a nice 5 1/2 lb carp on the same tactics
The larger carp were mainly on the surface, in the bay where the wind was blowing in. This guy caught constantly on the dog biscuit fly, some beauties too.

 A great day with Bob considering its his first session back, he's really keen to go again, which is great news :-)