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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cliff Kev and Bob 20+ year reunion at Hemmington

Cliff Bob and Kev hadnt fished together for 20+ years so it was great for us all to get together again.

Kev had 1 good carp on all day, cliff and bob genuinely felt for kev when the top 3rd of the rod snapped, slid down the line and knocked kevs only fish of the day off. Kevs face was a picture when he reeled in the broken part of the rod and it dangled in front of him. It was a great comedy moment, Kev laughs about it now too :-)
Bob struggled as well and didnt catch all day.
Kev and bob looked on as cliff landed quite a few nice carp.

Then they hatched a plan to throw cliff in when he landed the next fish :-)