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Monday, 19 December 2011

Grayling and Brown Trout from the Derwent

Cliff decided to have the day off any try to get a new PB Grayling at Whatstanwell on the Dewent Hotel Water (DE45HG)

It was throwing it down and cold but is a beautiful place and i was under a brolly so it didnt matter.

Picked up two pints of mixed maggots and started on the feeder with size 22 hooks single red maggot, it didnt take long to tempt the first Graying in (This was the best... 7oz)

Had a steady flow of fish, then switched to float fishing on a Chubber float.

Ended up with 7 Brownies and 4 Grayling, no PB's but a cracking day :-)

Successful Couple of Hours Lure Fishing on the Trent

Cliff managed to pop down to the Trent at Holme Pierrepont for 2 hours (In the main gate, drive along the rowing course and park close to the river)
Spoke to a couple of really pissed off guys that were there for hours and tried every type of fishing including piking without a bite, so I wasnt confident. I set up 2 pegs upstream from them.
I cast out and twitched the lure back under an overhanging tree and caught a nice ~5lb'er on the 3rd cast.
The 2 guys id spoke to were watching me with there hands on there hips, they looked ready to throw me in :-)
I worked my way back up stream, tried loads of lures and in typical last chance saloon put on a big goldfish Rapala lure.
I cast into the middle as well, then had a text, put the rod under my arm to answer the text and wondered why the rod was being pulled round... this was the reason, a nice 7lb'er
These are the two successful Rapala lures :-)