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Friday, 3 August 2012

My first barbel for ages

7lb 14oz :-) .........and to think I nearly didn't go.
My first barbel for over a season, taken on a double boilie cocktail of a large halilbut and a small crab boilie.
What a beaut:-).............but then Cliff had to go one (or 2 pounds) better with a 9lb 14oz corker!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beautiful Pond near Ilkeston after a big Crucian

Bob and Cliff tried a new location just outside Ilkeston, cliff was after a big Crucian Carp.
Cliff tried feeding liquidised bread and fished on bread punch to no avail then switched to red maggot on the drop to pull out a lot of nice Rudd and Roach 
Followed by some great Crucians about a foot off the bottom on a 22 hook, this was the best at a pound but there are much bigger ones in there!
Bob was struggling until Kev turned up for support then he pulled out this cracking Blue Orfe at about 2lb
Kev and Bob were having a right laugh at Cliff's expense as this was the fish of the day.
 To rub salt into Cliffs wounds Kev then distracted him from seeing two monster bites on luncheon meat, then Kev borrowed Cliffs pole for 5 minutes and pulled out the 2nd heaviest fish of the day this nice Bream.
Kev and Bob shot off home with a big smile on there faces, leaving Cliff trying his best to pull out a better fish than Kev and Bob. The weather turned and he failed to land an more.
Its a beautiful place though, there will definitely be more days fishing there. 3 nice fish were landed, Bob and Kev took the honours for the day.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Foremark Afternoon Fly Fishing

Cliff and Glynn Set off for a long overdue Trouting session at Foremark.
 Glynn was looking confident
 Glynn managed to "accidentally" knock off the first of cliffs fish. (according to cliff) :-) Then Cliff managed to land a beautiful 2lb 6oz Rainbow
 We both really enjoyed the day out. the weather didnt help neither did Cliff who managed to tangle the new drogue line round the propeller.
Glynn landed 2 cracking Rainbows and lost one, Cliff landed 5 and lost a similar amount mainly on floating line and an olive goldhead on the point, the fish were taking tiny green buzzers. Cliff managed a winkle a couple out on a booby too
 A great days fishing, we definitely need to go more often.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Late session at Strelley - Old Moore Pond

Decided to have a late night session at Notts anglers old Moore Pond.
Fish of the Day, a nice 15oz Roach that was 1lb on the scales for ages then showed 15oz for a second
and an F1 carp hitting the scales at 1lb 10oz, not huge but our fist weighed F1 :-)
Tactics: swim stim ground bait with hemp/maggot/halibut pellet in the feeder on 2 rods, the fist light rod with a size 20 hook and double red maggot, this caught a host of Bream averaging around a pound, then Roach of up to 13 and 15 oz.
Lost a big carp near the end of the session about 2 ft out on luncheon meat on a hair rig, this rig caught the F1 later on.
Finished around 12:45AM good session with a steady stream of fish

Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Roach PB at Oldmoor pond Strelley

Fish of the day: 15oz Roach new PB which beat our oldest record of 14oz by Glynn in 1983! Soz mate ;-)
Cliff took a pint of reds to old moore Notts Anglers pond in Strelley for a quick 2 hour session.
Caught quite a few really nice Roach on the pole at about 8 metres on the bottom on a size 22 hook feeding very regularly and landed the following:

Great couple of hours with a new PB with a few quality Roach... cant be bad :-)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last dash before the end of the season

So Glynn finally got off his fat old ass and got down the river for a few hours before the end of the season!!
Thought I'd try to locate the 20lb Witham pike John keeps catching.

It was a beautiful afternoon, with some lovely warm sunshine. However, the river was really low and gin clear! Tried a couple of spots but nothing doing. So decided to take a longer walk upstream and stopped at a deeper looking spot on a bend. First cast and hooked a little jack pike, which threw the hooks. Next cast had a run but struck into nothing. Next cast hooked another small jack but again it threw the hooks, bugger!!

Had a few more casts but nothing doing. Must have scared them (or the same one) off. Decided to walk back downstream to the spot where I started and dropped a little mackerel tail mid river. Was watching the shallows when I spotted a jack pike come gliding down. It stopped right in front of me and just waited there for a 10-20 secs and then it slowly swam off at a diagonal straight towards my bait. Would you believe it, 30 secs later I get a run and hook into (and land this time) a 3lb ish jack pike :-)

Next moved to the spot I think the 20lb has come out of. Had a few casts but not a touch.....not sure if I was relieved or not:-) So a nice finish to the season. Contemplating trying a spot of fly fishing down there one summer evening......

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hemington 11 1/2 lb Carp but Perch fail

Fish of the day:

Cliff and Bob popped off to Hemington for the day. Bob was after anything Cliff targeting Perch.
After reading a recent Angling times article where a guy landed 22 perch in one session to 2.5 lb Cliff fell for it and used the same tactics, baiting regularly with shrimp and king prawn with a dusting of krill powder in a dollop of krill source.  Fed with Archie Braddocks perch magic sprinkled on red maggots to keep the prey fish around and put a prawn on a 14 hook 12 inches over depth.

Bob fished from a nice spot
 And landed a ~3lb Chub on maggot next to the island
The fist bite for cliff was a 2 3/4 lb BREAM!
At around 3 Cliff was fed up with waiting for the perch and switched to Carp tactics, method feeding 3 foot of the opposite bank and hey presto a 11lb7oz common carp.
Followed by a 4lb and 6lb mirrow
A great day with Bob quite a few laughs no perch, a nice chub and a beautiful Common carp.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Trent: Notts Anglers Stretch East Bridgford Below Gunthorpe Weir (Cliff new Chub PB)

Cliffy "Billy no mates" tried Notts Anglers beautiful East Bridgeford stetch of the Trent. Parked in the Car park and walked up stream for about 1/4 mile. This is a members only stretch, no day tickets. The Wood Pecker are bloody loud there.

I used 3 oz cage feeder with halibut groundbait, red maggot, 6 mm Halibut pellets and chopped up stewing steak, 5 ft of 5lb flourocarbon leader to a forged 16 hook with a sliver of steak (the size of a maggot) and a red maggot. Cast right in the middle.
Caught the following 3 fish on this rig + a 1 lb chub.
4-11oz chub = NEW PB :-)
5-14 Barbel
and a 4-9oz Chub
I lost 3 probable chub all made straight for hidden snags a couple of rod lengths out, you definitely have to bully them from the off to get them in.
Tried maggot feeder and float fishing with no luck.
Stayed till dusk, had a great day, its a cracking stretch. i will defintley go back.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Perch fishing at Notts Anglers Sowbrook (Cliff Kev)

Kev and Cliff decided to compete for the best perch of the day at Sowbrook.
Cliff picked up some of Archie Braddocks Perch Magic and sprinkled the potion over a pint of red maggots and a tub of lob worm.
Cliffs plan was to catch a small fish to use as dead bait to tempt out the bigger specimens.
We got there at 7:30 picked a peg on the LHS of the horse shoe not a sausage, so we moved at around 11:30 to the RHS.

Things were getting desperate. Cliff had all his rods out, kev just the one....NOTHING.
Lisa supplied excellent food again and decided to cast in with kevs whip, she had a fish on first cast then landed a nice little perch. Cliff and Kev were completely humiliated :-)

Kev then followed Lisa's tactics and landed a tiny little umpa lumpa perch.
Cliff tried everything to catch even piking on dead bait, sink and draw using lamprey, absolutely nothing so he blanked, the perch potion was magic... it made them all disappear :-(
Nice day out though Lisa won Kev second and cliff bring up the rear.

The bailiff confirmed that Notts anglers have not stocked the place for ages, the fishing is renowned as being really hard and has been every time cliff fished there.
It may be the last time we go, which is a shame as its a beautiful lake.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A Cold Bright day at Strelley Pond (Cliff and Kev)

Its was a cold bright day, Cliff was looking to avenge Kevs last victory at the Notts Anglers Strelley Pond.
We both checked out tactics beforehand for winter, Cliff was on the pole at about 9 Metres fishing very light on a 22 single dead maggot, feeding 3mm halibut pellet and maggot.
Kev tried all pellet sizes on the waggler but really struggled to get bites, eventually landing a couple of skimmers. Everyone else on the lake was struggling and eventually they all left.
Cliff landed nice skimmers to over a pound plus a nice gudgeon and loads of nice roach, the total weight was 6lb 6oz. 
A nice bag of fish really considering the conditions.

Cliff was fishing in "Petes Peg" a memorial peg to a long gone angler and did notice a ghostly figure walking around the lake looking for fish.
A tough day really but made much better with the excellent catering of Lisa, Kev's mrs (Full Breakfast cob, Curry soup and loads of Coffee). There were quite a few Deer running round in front of Lisa too, once they realised her camera batteries had run out:-)
Normality has been resumed, as Kev conceded the day to Cliff :-)