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Monday, 2 January 2012

A Cold Bright day at Strelley Pond (Cliff and Kev)

Its was a cold bright day, Cliff was looking to avenge Kevs last victory at the Notts Anglers Strelley Pond.
We both checked out tactics beforehand for winter, Cliff was on the pole at about 9 Metres fishing very light on a 22 single dead maggot, feeding 3mm halibut pellet and maggot.
Kev tried all pellet sizes on the waggler but really struggled to get bites, eventually landing a couple of skimmers. Everyone else on the lake was struggling and eventually they all left.
Cliff landed nice skimmers to over a pound plus a nice gudgeon and loads of nice roach, the total weight was 6lb 6oz. 
A nice bag of fish really considering the conditions.

Cliff was fishing in "Petes Peg" a memorial peg to a long gone angler and did notice a ghostly figure walking around the lake looking for fish.
A tough day really but made much better with the excellent catering of Lisa, Kev's mrs (Full Breakfast cob, Curry soup and loads of Coffee). There were quite a few Deer running round in front of Lisa too, once they realised her camera batteries had run out:-)
Normality has been resumed, as Kev conceded the day to Cliff :-)

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