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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Perch fishing at Notts Anglers Sowbrook (Cliff Kev)

Kev and Cliff decided to compete for the best perch of the day at Sowbrook.
Cliff picked up some of Archie Braddocks Perch Magic and sprinkled the potion over a pint of red maggots and a tub of lob worm.
Cliffs plan was to catch a small fish to use as dead bait to tempt out the bigger specimens.
We got there at 7:30 picked a peg on the LHS of the horse shoe not a sausage, so we moved at around 11:30 to the RHS.

Things were getting desperate. Cliff had all his rods out, kev just the one....NOTHING.
Lisa supplied excellent food again and decided to cast in with kevs whip, she had a fish on first cast then landed a nice little perch. Cliff and Kev were completely humiliated :-)

Kev then followed Lisa's tactics and landed a tiny little umpa lumpa perch.
Cliff tried everything to catch even piking on dead bait, sink and draw using lamprey, absolutely nothing so he blanked, the perch potion was magic... it made them all disappear :-(
Nice day out though Lisa won Kev second and cliff bring up the rear.

The bailiff confirmed that Notts anglers have not stocked the place for ages, the fishing is renowned as being really hard and has been every time cliff fished there.
It may be the last time we go, which is a shame as its a beautiful lake.

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