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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hemington 11 1/2 lb Carp but Perch fail

Fish of the day:

Cliff and Bob popped off to Hemington for the day. Bob was after anything Cliff targeting Perch.
After reading a recent Angling times article where a guy landed 22 perch in one session to 2.5 lb Cliff fell for it and used the same tactics, baiting regularly with shrimp and king prawn with a dusting of krill powder in a dollop of krill source.  Fed with Archie Braddocks perch magic sprinkled on red maggots to keep the prey fish around and put a prawn on a 14 hook 12 inches over depth.

Bob fished from a nice spot
 And landed a ~3lb Chub on maggot next to the island
The fist bite for cliff was a 2 3/4 lb BREAM!
At around 3 Cliff was fed up with waiting for the perch and switched to Carp tactics, method feeding 3 foot of the opposite bank and hey presto a 11lb7oz common carp.
Followed by a 4lb and 6lb mirrow
A great day with Bob quite a few laughs no perch, a nice chub and a beautiful Common carp.


  1. So u fell for the "let's get rid of these dodgey old flavourings"

    Nah really, nice fish mate!!

  2. lol i sure did they saw me coming again :-)