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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Old Moor Pond Strelley Fishing with Nigel Hinson

Cliff and Kirsty took Nigel to old Moor Pond Strelley for a spot of leisurely fishing. Nigel was typically extremely keen to get started.
He was very popular with the local wild life too :-)
Kirsty was off to a cracking start landing the first of many fish.
Nigel wasnt happy with Kirsty taking the lead, upped his game and landed a string of very nice fish including this nice Bream.
And a good Roach
Cliff managed to start fishing after ensuring that Nigel and Kirsty were ok, landing quite a few fish including this beautiful crucian carp of about a pound.
A great mornings fishing enjoyed by all, Kirsty did very well and Nigel was a natural.

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