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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beautiful Pond near Ilkeston after a big Crucian

Bob and Cliff tried a new location just outside Ilkeston, cliff was after a big Crucian Carp.
Cliff tried feeding liquidised bread and fished on bread punch to no avail then switched to red maggot on the drop to pull out a lot of nice Rudd and Roach 
Followed by some great Crucians about a foot off the bottom on a 22 hook, this was the best at a pound but there are much bigger ones in there!
Bob was struggling until Kev turned up for support then he pulled out this cracking Blue Orfe at about 2lb
Kev and Bob were having a right laugh at Cliff's expense as this was the fish of the day.
 To rub salt into Cliffs wounds Kev then distracted him from seeing two monster bites on luncheon meat, then Kev borrowed Cliffs pole for 5 minutes and pulled out the 2nd heaviest fish of the day this nice Bream.
Kev and Bob shot off home with a big smile on there faces, leaving Cliff trying his best to pull out a better fish than Kev and Bob. The weather turned and he failed to land an more.
Its a beautiful place though, there will definitely be more days fishing there. 3 nice fish were landed, Bob and Kev took the honours for the day.

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