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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Foremark Afternoon Fly Fishing

Cliff and Glynn Set off for a long overdue Trouting session at Foremark.
 Glynn was looking confident
 Glynn managed to "accidentally" knock off the first of cliffs fish. (according to cliff) :-) Then Cliff managed to land a beautiful 2lb 6oz Rainbow
 We both really enjoyed the day out. the weather didnt help neither did Cliff who managed to tangle the new drogue line round the propeller.
Glynn landed 2 cracking Rainbows and lost one, Cliff landed 5 and lost a similar amount mainly on floating line and an olive goldhead on the point, the fish were taking tiny green buzzers. Cliff managed a winkle a couple out on a booby too
 A great days fishing, we definitely need to go more often.

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  1. Not sure how dropping your line over the side and untangling the drogue line constitutes 'winkling a couple out'? :-)