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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Grayling on the Derwent

Cliff took Glynn for his first Grayling fishing session ever, this was a long time coming.
Cliff caught the first fish, about 7oz then a nice brownie
Glynn then caught his first ever Grayling which took the 8oz record from Cliff at 11oz, boy was he happy :-) It was a beauty.

Cliff was really chuffed for Glynn giving him the usual congratulations for this type of occasion "really pleased for you mate" through gritted teeth. 45 mins later glynn returned the greeting when Cliff took the record back with a 1lb 1oz cracking Grayling
It was difficult after the morning session, glynn had a few bites but no more fish after about 11. Couldnt really ask for more, 2 PBs and Glynn catching his first Grayling. 
 The weir is a beauty, both cliff and Glynn caught 2 grayling and a brownie each, great day.


  1. Really enjoyed it mate and got my first grayling! Thanks for finally dragging me out again :o)
    Just like to add that i did catch 2 grayling and a small brownie!

  2. Top banana mate, trouting next?