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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Furnace Pond New Orfe/Ide PB

Cliff fished with Bob and Nigel at Furnace Pond, the weather was crazy, rain/sun/hail/lightning.
Bob and Cliff pulled plenty of nice fish, Bob lost a huge carp, Clif lost a ghost carp but caught a new PB Blue Orfe at 1lb 14oz(and I found out that Blue Orfe Golden Orfe and Ide are the same species- British record is 8lb 5oz)
 Also landed this cracking ~4lb Tench and lost a ghost carp of about 5lb.
Another great day at Furnace Pond capped off with Christine playing an elaborate practical joke on me, i was convinced id been robbed of a tart by Lyons, i was gutted at the time :-)

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