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Thursday, 20 June 2013

New Bream Record from 2 hours the Trent!

Popped to the Trent for a couple of hours, down stream of Clifton bridge on the nottsfed pegs see
2 Rods with big feeders in the middle with sweetcorn and halibut ground bait 5 ft leader of floro-carbon with double sweetcorn on a size 12 hair rig.
The upstream rod started twitching a bit as i was re-tackling my other rod, i thought it was a roach/small chub so i finished tackling up then lifted into it. Dong- it was a solid weight that came in very slowly occasionally knocking its head, i knew it was a good bream but how good?
8lb 14oz!! smashing my old PB and taking the top spot.
Considering ive been after this record for about 18 months and blanked at  Attenborough, A1 pits and Clumber park on numerous occasions, to pop out for a couple of hours and land this.... Thats fishing i guess :-)

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  1. Beautiful.......even though it looks like you've stuff it full of Cherry bakewells :)