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Friday, 1 November 2013

A day after our Perch Record - New Chub PB for Cliff

After getting a top tip from Alan at Notts fed that there was potential BIG Perch at Weston on Trent- Trent and Mersey canal (Next to the West Bridge) Cliff tried Worm in the following spot.
Nigel, moved to a really good looking spot on the other side of the bridge and had a couple of takes on luncheon meat but didn't manage to connect.
Cliff caught about 6 Perch to 1/2 pound, then Nigel had to get off, so in true poaching style Cliff moved to his old spot, and managed to connect to a cracking 4-12 chub on the pole with cheese paste beating his PB by an oz and 4 oz off Glynns PB.
This was probably the fish that was teasing Nigel earlier, it was a very delicate bite. 
Managed to land a couple of dace, roach and one more perch to 1/2 pound. Tried a ledgured dace until dusk with no luck. Also it took 6 goes to get my car out of the nearby field after the heavy rain, was very lucky to get out :-)


  1. Nice fish! Didn't know notts fed had any water there? It's all railway water at Weston

  2. Its not nottsfed as you say, but was recommended. It was like venise with all the boats.